Anti Inflamm Ageing

To the Rescue, New RégimA Anti-Inflamm-Ageing – A highly effective, Ultra Rich ‘First Aid’ Kit for Inflamed, Irritated, or Extremely Sensitive Skins.

The reduction of inflamm-ageing, or slowing its development, can significantly help sensitive skins and enhance the prevention of skin ageing. To counteract inflamm-ageing, the stimulus threshold for sensitive skin must be increased and inflammatory processes controlled.

Rich in phytosterols, flavonols and new yeast biopeptides, one provides good epidermal – dermal cohesion by increasing collagen synthesis. Sensitive skins can look forward to a new lease of life with RégimA Anti-Inflamm-Ageing.

  • Reduces Warmth Due To inflammation

  • Protects Against Skin Redness On Irritation

  • Reduces Incidence Of Telangiectasia, Couperose (Broken Veins)

  • Improves Appearance Of Rosacea

  • Reduces Swelling

  • Super Soothing, Smoothing

  • Anti-Itch Properties, Reducing The Need To Scratch

  • Helps Increase Elasticity And Tone

  • Anti-Sagging Activity

  • Protects Against Oxidative Stress

  • Helps Normalise And Maintain Hypersensitive Skins

  • Natural Actives Fight Against Age-Related Chronic Micro-Inflammation

  • Provides Ultimate Anti-Inflamm-Ageing



Techno 5 Resurfacer 

This "turbo cosmetic" concept focuses on "skin resurfacing", which will literally smooth and resurface the skin.Techno-5 uses a combination of enzymes and a world first in peptide technologies giving the skin a new "finish". All of these technologies are formulated into a senorially superior emulsion. The entire product incorporates the benefits of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, anti-free radicals, anti-ageing ingredients, skin restructuring and exfoliation, plus brightening effects, all in one package. A unique synergy of these five technologies in one product will produce results out of this world!

Contains a host of natural actives:

Pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, Thai Sumac and black tea extracts, along with cutting edge biomimetic peptides and a lightening complex, results in a potent anti-ageing product with multiple benefits.

  • 5 new technologies combined - "Turbo Cosmetic"

  • Skin resurfacing with enzymatic actio giving a new "finish"

  • Enhanced cell renewal and rejuvenation

  • Instant luminosity and vibrance

  • Skin lightening and brightening effect

  • Smoothing, softening

  • Enhances radiance

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves skin tone and firmness

  • Skin looks and feels more elasticized

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant

  • Provides the ultimate matte finish

  • Rapid visible anti-ageing effect, removing dull lifeless skin



Super Smoother

A light, cooling Gel Serum formulation that ideally adds a perfect balance of moisture required to feed the dermis and epidermis but without any oily feel. A must for most skins, particularly beneficial for adult acne sufferers as it provides essential moisture but without any oiliness. This Serum is to be used daily in combination with other RégimA Zone treatment products and day time protection. May tingle on application, particularly if the skin is dry, or after Omega High Impact or a Power Peel. This is normal as the product is penetrating the skin. Provides an immediate tightening effect


Hyaluronic Acid

  • The body’s natural moisturiser, is one of the most powerful actives included in this product, improving skin’s moisture content, and texture. This is combined in two unique forms, feeding the dermis, and plumping the epidermis. Provides combined actions of effective moisturisation, improved intercellular response, and reduced oiliness

Tara Tree Extract

 (CaesalpiniaSpinosa – Native to Peru)

  • Rich in galactomannans (polysaccharides), the extract is a biological catalyst in the synthesis of ceramides, maintaining optimal skin moisture levels. Reduces water loss on the skin surface, providing immediate hydration

Red Algae Extract 


  •  Super-moisturising technology utilised in this product. Captures water molecules at the skin’s surface, stimulates synthesis of Hyaluronic acid. When combined with Hyaluronic Acid provides a super response. In-vitro testing of the extract showed a stimulation of pro-collagen I production

A Unique Combination of Fruit Extracts 

  •  Adds even further moisturisation properties